About us

The KIBO Co-operative

KIBO, also known as KIBOWORLD, is an innovative financial mutual aid system which was started in Japan in late 1993.

It then spread around the world to over 80 countries, including Canada, Turkey, South Africa, Russia and Europe.

The KIBO Co-operative was introduced just recently in the month of December 2016. KIBO has been designed to improved the financial lives of many poor
and middle class people all over the world, including Nigeria.

KIBO Nigeria is a Financial Social Platform that uses the power of networking to assist anybody to reach their financial goals in life.

Anyone can become a member of KIBO and add a goal / Dream. Members of KIBO Nigeria are believers and achievers, and that is why members support the network.

KIBO Community

By supporting KIBO, you are supporting yourself, not the bank, not a scheme, not any company, but the individuals themselves, like you.

Create an account on the main website – KIBO-NIGERIA.COM – and add your dream with the amount of funds you are able to donate.

This donation will earn you monthly or daily interest while helping somebody else to fulfill their dream. So your balance will grow for adding this donation.

Other members will join and also donate, overtime you will see your progress line for your dream increase, till you have enough for others to donate and make your dream come true.

From time to time, people will transfer funds to you, and you will be required to transfer funds to somebody else in the community to assist them. You will not be asked to donate to anybody for more than what was sent to you.

So in this way, when you donate the money to buy your dream, you do not donate to the organisation, you donate to a community members like you. So KIBO is a unique co-operative because all the money is kept by community members who have a dream just like you.

In order to get started with KIBO, you have to invest (donate) a minimum donation of N10,000, which will increase to N14,000.00 after 30 Days when your dream matures. The maximum you can donate is N3,000, 000, which will increase to N4,200,000.00 when you withdraw it after 30 Days.

Other ways to increase your earning potentials is by referring new members to KIBO. New members are the key to the success of this community hence we compensate those who refer in new members into the community by offering them a 14% referral commission 5 levels deep. Please see the referral page for details about referring.